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Google is really just a massive filling cabinet.


Websites create content (documents) and Google categorises that content into folders. Once a document has been filed it will then be ordered in terms of which is the most useful, 


When someone uses Google to search for information on a particular topics google will then select the most relevant and popular content in the that folder. Google will also factor in what is known about that user such as their location to help find the best result for them.


SEO is the process of making your content the most attractive so that Google selects it from the millions of other documents that also cover the same subject matter.

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SEO Tips

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Search Volume can be misleading. Selecting keywords using search volume alone is a bad idea. Everyone in your market is attracted to the high volume keywords which means these keywords are generally the most difficult to rank for.  but that alone is mislading


Always consider search intent when choosing keywords to target. Try to think about what someone is really looking for if they


Be guided by keyword difficulty / competition. When selecting keywords always consider the competition. Everybody wants to be at the top of Google for the premium keywords in their market but if your website is new or your business isn’t one of the most established brands it is unlikely. Find keywords that your business can compete and win and then build your way up from there.

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Use the first page of search results as a guide for content creation. The first page of search results usually gives a strong indication about what types of information people are looking for when they type in a particular search query. If the results are mostly information about a topic, you should try to create informational content targeting that keyword. If the results are all products or services then you should also use products to target that keyword. Same goes for when the search results show more images or videos than usual.


Create better content than the alternatives. When creating content targeting certain keyword(s) look at the other content that is already showing up in the top 10 positions and ask yourself: How detailed are they? Do they use any multimedia? Do they have a certain style or tone that makes them popular? Whatever content is already available you need to try and create a better piece of content than what already exists by being more detailed, more authentic, more entertaining or more informative. Creating something similar just won’t cut it.

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  • Listing keywords one after another
  • Over using keywords
  • Using Long URLs including the full title of the page
  • The the exact same content for multiple pages with only the suburb name being different¬†(eg. iphone repair brunswick, iphone repair carlton)
  • Using product descriptions from the manufacturer
  • Having too few words on pages
  • Copying what the website at the top of the search results have done
  • Using the same business description everywhere that your business can be found online
  • Using your most important keyword on every page of the website
  • Hiding keywords or other text by making the text the same colour as the background
  • Using Slight Variations of the same keyword repeatedly (eg. Garage Door Repairs | Garage Door Servicing | Garage Door Repair Services)
  • Having a List of keywords in the Footer
  • Using Flash, Javascript, Frames on your website.

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