Optimising Your Google Local Business Listing

You may know this is Google Places, Google Maps or Google+ for businesses. These days it is called Google My Business – but I wouldn’t be surprised if this changes a week after I post this.

Whatever Google decides to call it, we know  it is important.

  • When shown it sits right at the top of the search results for local business searches.
  • It shows relevant businesses on a map.
  • It includes a phone number.
  • It shows reviews
  • It can show your physical shopfront or even a virtual tour.

So how do you position

If you are the only pizza shop, within 5 kms of where someone is searching for a local pizza place, it might be as simple as just setting it up.

However if you are located in a shopping centre and want to appear when people search for ladies clothing store + area name you may need to work a little bit harder.

Just with regular SEO, local SEO is a process of continually optimising, starting from what we know to be of be valued by Google and then work our way down the list.

SO to make this as easy as possible for you I have included a list of the main items you can action to give you business the best to appear at the top of Google for local business searches.

Google My Business Checklist

  • Add 3 Exterior Photos 
  • Add 3 Food and Drink Photos if applicable 
  • Add 3 Interior Photos 
  • Add 3 Team Photos if applicable 
  • Add Identity Photos for Profile, Cover and Logo 
  • Audit the compliance to Google My Business best practices 
  • Conduct all tasks in the Google My Business checklists 
  • Create a Profile image
  • Create images per Google My Business category
  • Get a custom URL using the site’s brand
  • Make sure the URL is exactly as it appears in the browser and in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Setup the phone number and make sure it is correct
  • Use LSI keywords in the description
  • Verify your address, Google will send you a PIN number in about 5 business days which you need to enter to verify your page
  • Verify your Google Maps listing if all information is correct
  • Verify the operating hours and ensure they are correct
  • Ensure accuracy of location, phone number and description of your business across all social media, local directory and review websites
  • Ensure your main category is set up and you have chosen up to 4 additional categories if they are applicable
  • Add the relevant email address and verify it

Now that you have done this, all you need to do is wait. I know you are doing this to rocket your rankings straight to the top, but keep in mind, it may take Google 2-3 weeks to see all the good work you have been doing.