Negative Keywords

Standard Negatives:

  • States outside the one that you are targeting
Research Price Sensitive Professions Misc Learning
do price job define course
does prices jobs defining courses
can discount career example train
should discounts careers examples training
would rate salary sample internship
could rates salaries samples apprentice
what sale wage size apprenticeship
where sales wages sizes book
who on sale position type books
why cheap vacancy types info
when cheapest vacancies videos information
which cheaper cv ebook wiki
whom free cvs ebooks wikipedia
whose cost resume pic explanation
how cost of resumes pics explanations
review costs role picture tutorial
reviews complimentary roles pictures tutorials
best fee “curriculum vitae” photo
about fees “curriculum vitaes” photos instructions
tip cost jpg instructional
tips costs jpeg instructionals
guide thrifty jpegs opinion
guides bargain gif opinions
news bargains gifs view
latest offer bitmap views
update offers bitmaps viewpoint
updates deal map viewpoints
doc deals maps guide
docs freebie forum guides
document freebies forums thought
documents giveaway discussion thoughts
documentary giveaways discussions idea
documentaries “give away” chat ideas
“give aways” chats article
prize tip articles
prizes tips explain
used supply explanation
“second hand” supplies explanations
supplier manual
suppliers manuals
describe degree
description degrees
descriptions qualification
img qualifications


Finding New Negatives to Add


Adwords Keyword Report


  • Instead of adding whole phrases as negatives, pick out keywords that are common amongst a variety of search queries and add these as negatives at the Ad group level if relevant only to the Ad Group, or at a campaign level if relevant to all Ad Groups.


  • Should I add a negative as a broad, phrase or exact match?

SEM Rush

Use your competitors as an example of what not to do!

  • Paid Traffic Reports
  • Go through the same as for Keyword Report


Negative Types

Negative Broad

  • Eliminates any search that includes the negative term(s)
  • If there is more than one word in the negative broad phrase, then both word would need to appear in the search query for the Ad to be excluded


Negative Phrase

  • Eliminates any search that includes the negative phrase, in that order and without any keywords in between
  • If there are words before or after the negative phrases, the ad will not show
  • If there are words in between the negative phrases, the Ad will still appear


Negative Exact

  • Only eliminates searches including the exact terms in the order that they are used.
  • If keywords are used before, after or in between the negative exact terms then the Ad will still appear