Google Shopping Product Feed Optimisation Checklist

Feed Optimization Tips Shoppers have many choices when they consider making a purchase, and presentation matters. Set yourself up for success with wellmaintained feeds to power your Shopping Campaigns. Keep your feed accurate and up-to-date Inaccurate or incomplete feeds will be disapproved by Google because they create a bad experience for users. That means your ads won’t show. Use relevant titles, descriptions and images to increase CTR. When key information comes first in well-designed titles, descriptions, and images, your CTR is likely to go up. Check out our best practices guide, “Shape Up Your Shopping Campaigns” by clicking here. Interested in more tips to drive success with Shopping Campaigns? Contact your Google sales representative or find your local phone support number. Google Confidential and Proprietary Shopping Campaigns Feed Optimization Tips Quality images Writing better titles and descriptions Match your titles and descriptions to the search queries on which your ad appears. Start with straightforward titles and descriptions, then let your search terms report guide changes. Keep your images simple, clear, and relevant to the user’s search. Images should show the product clearly at a high resolution, at least 800×800 pixels, and are free of logos, watermarks, and cluttered background. Try testing different product angles to see what gets the best result. ✓ Make sure to remove any language around SKUs from your title. ✓ Watch out for truncation by using less than 50 characters in your title. If this can’t be avoided, include the most important terms up front. ✓ Use keyword-rich titles, but don’t stuff. Keyword stuffing is any attempt to raise relevance by repeating keywords needlessly. Forced repetition can harm your placement rather than improve it. ✓ Match your feed text to your site. Users are happier when the text on your landing page is a close match to the ad they clicked. ✓ Submit descriptions that provide more useful information on your products. Google Confidential and Proprietary Shopping Campaigns Feed Optimization Tips Keep feeds accurate and up-to-date Check your feed summary and data quality in Google Merchant Center to make sure that you are showing the right product information and providing as many details as possible. ✓ Make sure your website URL is verified. Find out how. ✓ Check to make sure that required attributes are completed. Not sure which attributes are required? Take a closer look here. ✓ Remove any unknown “Google product category” values, and submit more granular values to show your ads for the most relevant queries. ✓ Ensure that there isn’t any mismatched data between your data feed and your website. Mismatches are usually found in price or product availability, so it’s important to update your feed whenever you update your site (at least every 30 days). You can also enable automatic item updates to help you prevent inaccurate data. ✓ Fix any non-working destination URLs that you are driving users to within your ads. You can do this by reviewing the Diagnostics tab, which helps you find and fix any account, feed, or item issues that may prevent your campaigns from showing. title description brand google_product_ category GTIN Orange Girls Jumper Dress with Pumpkin Girls Dress Acme Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Dresses 1234567890123 Automatic Corkscrew with Rechargeable Batteries This automatic corkscrew is the perfect hostess gift, with rechargeable batteries…. Beta Basket Please your loved ones with this gift basket to delight even the fussiest foodies… Food, Beverages & Tobacco > Food Items > Food Gift Baskets 9228972919304