Ever Green Content

Many marketing experts talk about creating content that is ever green.
While it is true that there are many things that do not change over a year or two (eg. business fundamentals), would you want to be reading a text book published this year, or one that was published a year ago.
The reality is that content is outdated the second it is published and there is always someone who will have a more up to date version of the same information.
Rather than get caught up in trying to publish more often there is a simple trick you can use to always be ahead of the crowd.
Review and update your old content
In some cases, there is not much more you can add, but if you factor this in to your writing and publishing process
The benefits are:
– It is much faster and easier to update an old post rather than to write a new one

You can even create posts with this in mind, an example of this would be a list.
See here for one I created and have updated over 10 times since it was initially published:
List of Social networks.
If you revise this list

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Repurpose and reuse

Types of ever green content you should create