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I am going to put this out there right away: Blogging ain’t for quitters. If that is you, then I just saved you bucket loads of time and energy.


You could write a post weekly for 6 months and see absolutely no benefit to your bottom line – and that is if you are doing it right. If you aren’t doing it right, you will never get there.


If you are still with me, here is the good news:


Almost every other small business out there will give up on blogging before Google blesses them with increased quality traffic and those that stay committed to the cause (provided they have read the below guide and are doing it right) almost certainly see improvements.


It is the perfect example of ‘good things come to those who wait’.


Blogging in my experience is one of the most common and simple ways that small businesses can get a leg up on their competitors, even those competitors with more man power and bigger budgets.


Many clients I have worked with have seen the benefits of implementing a blog, such as:

– Build your credibility as an industry expert

– Generating more visitors to your website through search engines

– Converting more website visitors into higher value qualified leads

– Reduce customer service costs and increase satisfaction

Should your business be blogging?

Take our free quiz to find out if blogging should be a priority for your business. The quiz will check how much benefit your business is likely to gain from a blogging against our key indicators.


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News. Write about what is happening in your industry. Show your audience that you are across all of the latest trends in your industry and are leading the conversation on these topics.

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Regularly review your old blog posts. If a blog post is out of date then update it. If a blog post is no longer relevant then remove it. Giving your blog a spring clean every now and then makes it more valuable to your audience and updating and enhancing old posts can give them new life.

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Reshare popular posts. Most businesses will only ever share their best content once. If your content is popular then you should share it again so that it reaches new audiences who haven’t yet seen it.


Add social share buttons to your blog posts. Make it easy for anyone to share your content across social media with just the click of a button. Sumo has a free tool that makes this easy.

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Use feature images for every post. Feature images are essential for every blog post you create. Not only do they instantly increase the attractiveness of your blog but they will also be shown when people share your blog post on social media and can increase the chance that your post is clicked on substantially.



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