Adwords Optimisation Checklist

Required Information

  • Budget
  • Avg Job/Sale Value
  • Conversion value = Clients close percentage * Average Job Value) e.g $500 job value 20% close rate = $100 conversion value
  • Target Cost/Conversion


Select Date Range (Usually 14 days – 30 days, worth checking all time as well to see unprofitability of settings overall)



Campaign Level Optimisation

Campaign settings

– Accelerated/Standard (Big budget = accelerated)

Search Partners

Drop search partners where non performing


Ad Rotations

Rotate ads indefinitely


Enhanced CPCs


Check Mobile Bids

Check Scheduling

  • Increase bids for performing days up to position 2-3
  • Decrease bids for non performing days
  • Use Dimensions report to check time of day. Expand date range if minimum CPA is not reached in current report period.
  • Pause non performing hours (Double CPA) or consider new campaign with targeted Ad Copy for these hours.

Ad Group Level Optimisation

Ads Report

Check Ad Copy find best peforming ads, pause lowest performing or re-write ads to split test new copy


Ad Extensions Report

  • Check location extensions
  • Check Call Extensions
  • Check Enhanced Sitelinks
  • Check Call-Out Extensions


Keyword Level Optimisation

Keyword Report

Filter by Keywords that haven’t converted

  • Pause keywords at a high cost (anything double the objective CPA)
  • Lower bids on rising high cost keywords >$100 cost
  • Increase bids on keywords in low ad positions (aim for top 2 – 3 – no need to be no.1 all the time, conversion rates don’t differ too much)

Filter by Keywords that have converted

  • Increase bids for keywords below objective CPA
  • Decrease bids for keywords above objective CPA
  • Pause keywords at a high cost (anything double the objective CPA)

Search Terms Report

Sort by impressions

Identify and note down new negatives to add – Go down as far as 2 impressions (For small budgets) or 5 impressions (for larger budgets)

Sort By Conversions

Identify Keywords with at least 2 unique conversions that are relevant and not already targeted. Create new ad groups and relevant ads if necessary.



Optimising for something Specific

Test the things that are going to have the greatest impact on conversions or cost per Acquisition.

  1. Keywords

o             Converted Keywords

o             Non Converted but high spend

o             Budget Allocations

Changes for Converters:

  • Reduce CPC incrementally to see if CPA can be reduced


  • Increase CPC incrementally to see if more conversions can be generated


  • Increase Budget for Ad group to ensure Ads run as often as possible


  • If starting with exact and phrase match, open to broad match modifier or broad match to see what other variations people type in


  • Separate the highest performers into their own Ad groups or campaigns


Changes for Non-Converters


  1. Ads
    • Landing Page



  1. Schedule
    • Days of Week



Expanding the Account



Keyword Report


Sem Rush

  • Log into SEM rush and enter your clients domain
  • Go to the paid traffic section and download the keyword report for the past years data
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the competition
  • In excel, compare the two lists to identify any keywords that are present in your competitors campaign and not in your clients – you can use a couple of different methods but I found the formula listedhere useful