Ad Extensions

People complain these days about how much competition there is on Google.
Do you remember back to the Yellow Pages days? I remember looking at pages of businesses, all offering the same thing and with almost zero to tell them apart, except for the phone number and business name.
That is, except for the premium listings – those stood out like a gorilla in a crowd of people.
Google Ad Extensions are the difference between your Ad looking like all the others and really standing out. Best of all, they are completely FREE!
Sitelinks allow you to place additional information about your business in your listing, such as:
– Phone number
– Address
– Reviews
– Links to multiple pages of your site, with a description, so that you can feature more than 1 product or service
They also make it easier for people to get in touch or connect with your business by:
– Allowing people to call directly from the search results
– Allowing people to get directions to your business address
– Displaying your trading hours
– Linking to your Google+ Business page
– Linking to your App on the App store (If you have one)

How to setup Adwords Ad Extensions

One thing to keep in mind about extensions is that they don’t always appear in a search result. As an example, when you enable more than one extension for an ad, there’s a chance that not all of them will appear.Factors that are taken into account when showing extensions are:

  • The positioning of your ad in the search results
  • Your ad rank
  • Your keyword’s quality
  • Other extensions that are enabled

How to setup Sitelink extensions

 Sitelink extensions display links to specific pages on your website beneath the text of your ads. These extensions allow the same amount of text as your basic ad text, which is why, if used correctly, it can be an important inclusion to make. By adding sitelinks, you are exposing different areas of your business offering and also setting yourself apart from the competition.

How to setup Location extensions

 This extension is really important for businesses that encourage users to visit their location. To include this extension, you will need to have a Google My Business listing linked to your AdWords account. Once set up, the location extension can show your business address, phone number and map marker within your ad text.

How to setup Call extensions

The phone number, for most businesses, is the most important conversion path for clients to reach you on. You cannot add the phone number to your ad text but you can include it as an extension.

Having the phone number in your ad will:

  • Display a clickable call button with your ad
  • Cost the same as a headline click
  • Only appear on devices capable of making calls (for call-only campaigns)

How to setup App extensions

 App extensions will showcase your app below your ad text. If you have an app, this extension should definitely be added to your AdWords campaign. By clicking on this link, the users can either go through to the app’s description page through the app store or begin downloading directly from the ad.

How to setup Review extensions

How to setup Callout extensions

 Like all extensions, it doesn’t cost extra to have call-out extensions but it will give your ads more information about your business. If you offer free shipping or free quotes, then call-out extensions are a great way to display this information.

How to setup Structured snippet extensions

Ad Extension tips and tricks to gain an advantage
– Create pages with various offers and use them as site links.