About us

Better Small Business

Digital marketing resources for every small business.

Better Small Business is a group of young, passionate and energetic marketers who live digital.


While working for some of the largest Marketing Agencies in Australia, we have directly impacted thousands of small  to medium businesses for the better.


We are now cutting out the middle man and working directly with small business to deliver the greatest impact from your marketing dollar.


Marketing a small business is no simple task.


There are so many different marketing channels (SEO, Pay Per Click, Web Design, Social Media etc.) that even if you did take the time to learn one and implement it into your business, you will still be a novice at the rest.


You could also hire an expert(s) or find freelancers to fill the gaps – but you will almost certainly find that they mostly specialise in one area or another.


So if you needed help with social media and SEO, you may need to find 2 new staff (and the good ones aren’t cheap!)


What you really need is to find someone who can do it all. A jack of all marketing trades.


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